Worth The Hype? | Benefit POREfessional Primer

   I thought it's time to add my own opinions in this big hyped up phenomenon called Benefit The Porefessional Primer which has been all over the internet for a very long time, as I actually bought it because of the great reviews I've heard about it.

   Firstly, I think we all know what a primer is and what is it supposed to do: to smooth fine lines and uneven skin texture, fill up the pores and prepare your skin for makeup. As a result, your makeup is supposed to last longer. There are also lots of primers which address specifically to other desires, such as brightening your skin for a more healthy look, mattify it in case your skin is oily or even act as the last step of your skin care routine, repairing the skin in the meantime. So, yep, it's a magical product I might say. But it's also very tricky choosing the right primer for you.

  The Porefessional is presented as a silky, lightweight, oil-free, silicone based balm which will minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines, protect the skin from free radicals (because of the Vitamin E derivative that is in it) and prolong the look of your makeup.

  It has a dry texture and it's slightly tinted when you get it out of the tube. However, it comes translucent on your face, without adding any coverage, which is good as it will easily complement all skin tones.

   Blending it out you will feel how it mattifying and smoothes out the skin amazingly. It does fill up the pores but I personally don't think it makes them disappear completely or even hide them super good. I have huge pores (in my opinion) and I can see the difference but it's not anything too dramatic. You can definitely feel that is silicone based, which I personally like but if you don't tolerate silicones in your primer don't apply too much of this. In fact, don't exaggerate when applying this anyways as it will counteract with your foundation , as most of them are water, not silicone based, it and you'll get the opposite result.

  Try to 'match' your primer and foundation by paying attention to the first ingredients in the list: if you have a silicone based primer, use it with a silicone based foundation. Same goes for water based primers and foundations. However, I tend to believe that silicone primers are better for oily skin and I couldn't find any silicone based foundation that I liked (it's super hard) so I find that applying a tiny amount of this is going to do the trick.

  I love this because foundation glides on sooo nicely on top of this. I don't know if it actually makes it last longer and trust me I've payed attention when I wore this underneath and when I didn't but I think it depends on the weather, the amount of foundation I've used and so on. I could say it prolongs the life of my makeup with an hour. Nothing too amazing, but it's enough for me.

  However, I'm not 100% dedicated to this primer. It's good, it smoothes out the skin amazingly and it feels really nice when you apply it but I will keep looking for something water based with the same mattifying effect that might also keep my makeup on for a longer period of time. But for now, this is okay. You can get this at any Benefit counter for £18 - 20 as it's a high end brand and their products are a bit more expensive than your average drugstore ones.

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