Drugstore Saviour For Bad Skin Days | Revlon Colorstay for Combination/Oily Skin

 Here it goes, taking the place of honor as my first post (fingers crossed), the thing that's been saving me from feeling self-conscious about my hyperpigmentation and the odd breakouts when they decide that it would be a good idea to wave at everyone around me. Long story short, I needed a foundation that would make me happy about my skin, so it had to be full coverage, mattifying for my super oily face, long-wearing, without making me look too dead. Well, here is the drugstore version of it: Revlon Colorstay for Combination/Oily Skin!

   In comes in a glass bottle, quite heavy I might add, with a screw-on black plastic lid and.. surprise! it doesn't have a pump. Boo! Anyways, overall it's not a very travel-friendly packaging but it'll do, because the product itself is pretty good.

It comes in too formulas, one for Combination/Oily Skin and one for Normal/Dry skin. I have the one for oily skin so I can't really say anything about the other one. Sorry.

   The texture is very thick and creamy compared to other foundations which made me instantly believe that it was in fact, full coverage. I have two shades, 180 Sand Beige and 150 Buff. Sand beige is a tiny bit darker and a little bit more suitable for those with pink undertones. I have yellow undertones and it was winter so..yep, I went back and bought Buff which is lighter and slightly more yellow. When I say slightly..I mean it's barely noticeable. So unfortunately, this foundation doesn't really come in a more yellowish shade, but you can make it work by blending it very well into the neck. 

   You will get a nice matte but not too matte, slightly dewy finish after blending it with a brush (I use the Real Techniques Buffing Brush or the Expert-Face one), or with a sponge or with your fingers or however you prefer.
  The coverage is great, you only need a tiny amount of products but you have to be quick because it sticks to your face in seconds and.. yep, fast-bleending is required. Talking about "stickiness", this foundation does feel a little bit sticky after applied but you can use a tiny amount of powder to set it and the stickiness completely disappears, I promise.

   It has good staying power, compared to other foundations at least. It's not 24 hours as it says on the lid - obviously - but let's be honest, who wears a foundation for 24 hours anyways? I'd say it looks great for about 5-6 hours without touch-ups but if you have super oily skin, you might need to blot a little bit after 4 hours. After that, don't worry, it doesn't go horrible or extremely patchy or orange but it kinda disappears around the chin area (as most foundations do) and creases around my mouth (oh that smile..) so.. keep an eye on that, ladies! This would be the only thing I dislike about it and also that it can look a little bit.. powdery if you don't moisturize properly or if you apply too much, etc. You got the point.

   If you dig a full coverage base, you're more on the oily side and you don't claim to have super healthy-glowy-natural looking skin (cause it's not gonna be exactly like that - unless you use a nice highlighter or combine it with some glowy illuminating primer/foundation, I don't know..) this is for you and you can buy it in pretty much every drugstore/high street makeup store for about 10-15 £
So..thank God for makeup and full coverage foundations. Of course we're always on the hunt for something even better..because why not? 

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