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   I haven't always been a skincare maniac (if you can call it that way), but recently, with a little bit of help from a few beautiful Youtube girls who can talk you into anything beauty related, and Caroline Hirons' (the skincare expert you must've heard of) blog, I thought it's time to take the problem that is my skin into my own hands. Not that I wasn't doing it before, I just never acknowledged the importance of good appropriate cleansers and nice toners and serums and all that jazz. I thought any hyped up gel cleanser that you see on TV plus a random moisturizer picked up in a hurry from the shelves is enough. Of course, for some people, it really is but I never had 'perfect' skin (if that exists) and that's why I thought I was doing something wrong.

   So, I thought I'd share with you what products I think are worth trying and how I managed to be a lot happier with my skin lately. As you might now, the 'right' order would be cleanse,tone (and/or) exfoliate, apply the serum and follow up with the moisturizer. Of course this isn't the essential order or 'strategy' for everyone but I find this works best for me. I'm starting with toners simply because they get me most excited. Don't ask (?) But never forget, it all starts with a good cleanse (or a few)! CLEANSE your face properly and you're half way there, I promise.
  Now let's talk my favorite toners and why I chose them.

 ✿ In the morning, after cleansing my face properly, I apply The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner. This is a tree tea oil based toner that basically says 'Good morning' to your face in the nicest way possible. It kinda smells like a lemon juice and tea tree oil combo, and..yep, it's green. I don't know if everyone would love that but I really like it, it makes me think that I'm applying some magical-tea-extract-potion (weird,I know) that instantly clears my pores and refreshes my face. It leaves the skin feeling so fresh and soft . Besides tea tree oil, which is well-known for it's antibacterial properties, it also contains tamanu oil and white willow bark extracts which does a great job in mattifying your skin, without drying it. So this is very suitable for oily skin. It does slightly pinches your skin when you apply it, especially if you have any breakouts at that particular moment, but in a nice way. It's definitely not burning or anything crazy, it just feel like it's doing something good to the skin.
  I think I've said enough, The Body Shop skincare range..is definitely a win for me!

   ✿ In the evening, I like to go a little bit 'stronger' with my toners. I don't really like using facial scrubs to exfoliate as I think they're a little bit too harsh on my skin and they can also spread bacterias quicker if you have breakouts, which is definitely something to avoid. That's why I'm all for chemical exfoliators. As I love my multifunctional products, my favorite is Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner, which is a very gentle chemical exfoliator that helps to brighten your complexion and speed up the healing process, while it tones your skin. It leaves the skin feeling very smooth and soft. It contains glycolic, salicylic and tartaric acid (not as much as other chemical exfoliators tho) which help encourage cell renewal. I've seen great improvement in my hyperpigmentation after using this for less than two months. And this is the main reason why I love it. It's very gentle with your skin but it really does something! No tight sensation or dry skin, only hydration. It gets rid of dry patches and makes foundation go on super smoothly. Although this does contain alcohol, which might not be everyone's cup of tea, it counteracts it nicely with glycerin and it doesn't smell like alcohol at all and it's also not drying at all, so I can say that the alcohol and fragrance contained hasn't been an issue for me. And I don't have 'friendly' skin, if you know what I mean. So this should be fine for most people, but be careful if you have super sensitive skin. (You'll find the ingredients list by clicking the product's name, please check them.)

   I apply both of them on a cotton pad and follow up with a treatment cream. The Body Shop Toner is available for about £5-9 and The Clarins Toner is a little bit more expensive but definitely worth a try, being available for about £25 and not so easy to find as the other one. Just keep looking, you'll be grateful you did. And don't forget, spending more on skincare is going to save you  from buying expensive makeup, because a beautiful skin speaks for itself more than anything else.

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