Cleansing Balm For Newbies | Clinique Take The Day Off Balm

   Even though I started my little skin care rambling talking about toners, a few posts ago, everything has to start with a proper cleanse. Well, a cleanse is a cleanse, right? What does the "proper" part stands for than? To be truly honest, I never understood the importance of a good cleanse until a year ago when my skin was seriously screaming for help and I decided to change up my entire skincare routine into something more.. well-thought. I started reading everything you could possibly read about skincare and the right products for everyone and finally decided that I want to be one of the cleansing balms lovers out there. Having oily skin and let's say..pretty problematic as well, I was a little bit concerned about what a balm could do to my skin. And here comes the saviour: Clinique Take The Day Off (can you see how much I love this product and how often I use it? Yes, yes you can, the writing has come off, soz).

   This Clinique Balm is a solid balm with no mineral oil or any kind of essential oil, no animal by-products, and no fragrance at all, so if you're looking for a fancy smelling product that would transform your bath into a spa when you put it on, it's not this one. You apply it on your dry full-of-makeup face and massage it slightly, add a little bit of water and it transforms from that oily makeup remover into a silky oil, similar in texture to a cleansing milk

   You keep massaging and then wash it off with a hot flannel (or cloth, I prefer flannels) All of your makeup will be gone and you will have no oily residue left (but keep in mind you have to use the flannel/cloth with this one). It completely dissolves any eye and face makeups, even waterproof mascara, sunscreens etc. So it's super efficient at leaving your face makeup free. I usually repeat the process one more time to give my face a good cleanse and make sure it's purified. So the process might sound like a bit of a faff, but trust me, once you do it a few times, it gets as simple and as natural as using any other gel,cream,milk cleansers. The results however, I think are incredible. And your skin will thank you for it.

   What I really like about this product is that is suitable for any skin-type, even for a very oily and acneic skin type. Trust me, I'm somewhere in there as well and since I started using this, my skin feels so clean and yet not stripped like it did when I used a gel cleanser. It feels like the good stuff is left there to moisturize my skin, but the impurities are gone. So it keeps your skin very balanced. It doesn't make it oilier (actually it makes it a little bit less oily, probably because I'm not stripping the good oils anymore) and it doesn't dry it out at all! Definitely not clogging!

   Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm is available for about £28. I recommend this to people with more sensitive skin or to those who are a little bit scared to jump in the whole cleansing balm thing, as it's free of any essential oils or synthetic fragrance and will not disturb the balance of your skin. I could rave about this product for hours but I'll leave it here. Let me know if you'd try it!

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