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  I'll have to admit that this summer's weather hasn't been ideal for me as I am a sucker for hot sunny days, those hot days when most people complain about how hot it is.. that's my jam. However, we had a few of those days this month so a walk in the park was most certainly required. Me and my boyfriend spend the whole day out and it was one of the nicest days I had in a while. And the blogger inside me obviously thought that an OOTD and some pretty photographs would create a nice everyday picture of this one sitting by the lake over there.

  As it was very hot outside the sheer white sleeveless shirt was a must-have and the pretty lace details make this piece really girly and summer appropriate. 
  I also added a pop of color through this pastel turquoise statement necklace that makes the outfit more interesting.

  For the bottom part I keep things simple but fun, rockin' this little black skirt that gives the look a more dressed-up vibe, without being too fancy.

   To tone down the whole girly dressed-up vibe I paired this outfit with some black sneakers, the classic. They are great as they can transform a whole outfit into a more laid-back one.

   My bag is the one I always wear, a simple black "leather" one, with silver zippers details. It's spacious and practical which it's always a bonus!

  The day itself felt like a really nice chilled summer day and I absolutely loved that. The park was at it's best, full of people and squirrels, and the lake really radiated a calm atmosphere that could instantly put you into a good mood. I'm definitely looking forward to going back there once the autumn installs. I imagine it looks incredible with the red and burgundy shades all blended together and the chilly slant of wind.

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