The Does-It-All Eyeshadow | Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR

   Lately I've been trying anything to minimize the time I spend doing my makeup. It's summer, it's hot and busy and as much as I love looking nice, I also can't be arsed to spend a whole load of time putting on fancy makeup. I usually try to get my skin looking as acceptable as possible, take care of those brows and by the time I get to the eyes, I just want it to be done. Now don't get me wrong, I love love love makeup and applying it and everything about it.. It's just that sometimes you don't have the patience and mood to do it.. especially when it's needed almost everyday. Every makeup lover out there will understand.

  Here's where this bad boy intervenes. The Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR Eyeshadow is a cream gel eyeshadow which basically does the job for you. You can even get away without using a brush.. which is.. wow,right? It has a thick consistency but it glides on like a dream when you apply it with your finger. It doesn't crease and it can be used as a eyeshadow base or on it's own. That means it makes makeup last longer, as well as evening out skin tones. They are very similar to the MAC Paint Pots in consistency (even though these aren't as thick). They are very pigmented and opaque.

  It comes in a little glass pot, similar to the Mac ones, with a plastic screw-on lid. The thing that I like most about them is that somehow, they make it look like you've put a lot of effort into your eye makeup. It looks darker in the crease, lighter in the inner corner, nice and shimmer in the middle, like you've applied about three or four different eyeshadows, plus a primer. The lasting power is amazing, they are still there by the and of the day.

 As you can see, the shade I use the most is On and On Bronze or Bad To The Bronze (same thing, depends where you live). It can look like a natural touch of a slightly shimmery golden-beige (I even dare to say rose golden, woh..) during the day or a strong brownish golden with a fancy shimmer at night, depending on how much you blend it and what you "pair" it with.

   It's very practical and an amazing dupe for the MAC Paint Pots for only a third of the price, being available for about £5 in any high street makeup store, or wherever the Maybelline counter is, in your city. So it is accessible, practical and versatile, making a perfect products for everyone and every look.

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