Meet Pika!

   Last week I woke up to one of the most beautiful phone calls I've ever received - my lovely boyfriend telling me that he's got a surprise for me. Knowing for how long I wanted a new kitten, he rescued a little lost fluffy kitty cat and brought it to me as a cute little pre-birthday "gift". Yay!

  I was so impressed with how friendly and calm she was for a little lost kitten who probably lived on the streets for the last few weeks. She didn't look her best but we took her to the vet and checked her just to be sure that she is healthy, and started a treatment as a recommendation from the doctor. In a few days she already looked better and she got used to our house and everything.

   We named her Pika and made sure she feels like the most loved kitty cat in the whole world! As you can probably tell from my blog, I absolutely love cats so I can't even say how happy this cute little fluff ball makes me.

   She is incredibly friendly and love-demanding, she adores to be pet and she will follow you everywhere you go just to recieve some love from you. She is so adorable! She also became a lot more playful lately which is a sign that she is completely healthy and happy now. I love to watch her jumping around and playing enthusiastically in our garden. She is true a miracle for me and I am so happy we were able to offer her a loving home!

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