Manicure At Home CHEAT | Avon Gel Finish

  Spending time in a salon is nice, yes. But sometimes you just want it done quickly and preferably while watching your favorite TV series at home. The only inconvenients are that it doesn't last as long and sometimes it doesn't look that good either. Luckily, I've discovered the Avon Gel Finish Nail Polish.

  This range of nail polishes gives you gel-like manicure without any fuss or a UV lamp! There are lots of shades available for everyone's taste and they all look as great! My personal favorite is Creme Brulee, a very pale nude-pink with a beautiful gloss to it which I think gives the nails a very clean and crisp look that doesn't clash with any outfit.

  It applies very easily, being very opaque and you are done with only one or two coats, depending on your preferences. It also removes like a normal nail polish so you don't end up scrubbing at your nails for ages. However, the thing that surprised me the most is the lasting power. I have never used a base or top coat with this one and it looks exactly like it did when I applied it for about 8 days. And other nail polishes usually chip on me in 2 days, so wow! I'm impressed!

  They only retail for £1,8 in my country but don't really skip the £3,5 mark in other places either, which is incredibly accessible for such a good quality polish. Avon nailed it again. This time for real. (no puns intended.. actually very intented) Give it a try and let me know if you agree.

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  1. I was always cautious about avon nail polishes, but I certainly haven't try any from the gel range. Now I'll have to ;)

    If you'd like you could check out my new blog - I'd be honored ;)